christian walker playing sax Hello! I'm Christian! I'm a composer, producer, and saxophone player. It has been said that music is the "wallpaper of our minds" and that it is "proof that the human race is greater than it knows." As humans we find ourselves in a typically mundane and apparently finite world, yet we wish to soar the planets and "rage against the dying of the light." To me, music is a way in which we do this. We are beings capable of transcendence, and when words fail us, we express it with music. The magic of good music is the space it creates to let our emotions live and express themselves. Melancholic music acts as a catharsis which allows pent-up pain from life's traumas to dissipate. Joyous music allows us a space to feed our optimism. Suspenseful music powerfully cues our biological fight or flight instincts. In visual media, appropriate use of music is indispensable to communicating the themes and emotions the work intends to convey. My goal has always been to create music that connects with people, communicates to them deeply, and further emphasizes the theme and message of whatever form of media it is supporting.

Client Work